2016 Conclave Information


With Conclave just a few days out, I have some last-minute housekeeping announcements.

First, be sure to bring a tent, as there will be no lodging provided. In the need of special circumstances, something can be arranged. Please contact me at chief@sectionw1n.org.

Next, if you’re planning on running for Section Chief, Vice Chief, or Secretary, please be sure to have a letter from your council’s Scout Executive (or the Scout executive’s designee) submitted to Mr. Johnson (adviser@sectionw1n.org) by noon on Saturday at the latest.

There will be no dinner provided on Friday night, but there will be a cracker barrel. We’ll be bringing in a food truck that will be selling cheese steaks, chips, and drinks for $10-13 during check-in.

Please remember to pack your class-A, class-B, tent with groundsheet and rain fly, and a swimsuit.

I look forward to seeing everyone in Alaska, and to making this the best Conclave yet! Please send you Venue questions to nanuklodge@gmail.com and Program questions to chief@sectionw1n.org

I look forward to seeing everyone on Friday!

– Trip Jackson