2016 Conclave Branding Guide

Hello Section W-1N,

The following branding guide has been developed based off of the national branding guide to help chapters, lodges and trainers incorporate the Order of the Arrow brand into their communication materials. We are excited to share these resources and take one more step toward better and more unified OA communications. Please take a moment to download and view the national branding guide, as well as the Section W-1N assets.

We would like to ask that correspondents related to general Section business use the Standard Teaquan Wask, reserving the 2016 Conclave patch design for conclave specific promotion and publications. The full 2016 Conclave patch set is also available. High resolution images for print media are also available upon request.

For printed documents, the official Section W-1N Letterhead is available.

For Conclave Trainers; if you need to utilize a PowerPoint presentation in your training session, we ask that you use the National OA template to ensure that a unified theme is presented to all participants. If you are a trainer who is intending to utilize a PowerPoint presentation at Conclave that will require electricity, a projector, or a screen – and have not yet contacted the Training Conclave Vice Chief Levi, please do so before August to ensure we can plan accordingly.

The entire branding package is available here: Branding.zip

Thank you.

Yours in Service,
Kyle McCaffery

Kyle McCaffery | Section Secretary