Jamboree Shows Auditions

Have you ever attended a national show at either a NOAC or a jamboree and think to yourself, “How did those Scouts get lucky enough to be on the shows team?” Well, think no more! The Jamboree Shows Team is actively looking for Scouts and Scouters to serve as actors and stage managers.

Auditioning for the team is easy! You simply need to record a video of yourself, upload the video to cloud-based storage device, and email the link to the Jamboree Shows Team. For more specifics on the audition process, check out the link at the bottom. The deadline to audition for the shows team is February 14th — hurry up and get your audition video submitted before time runs out!

The shows team is also looking for Scouts and Scouters (male and female) who have a background in acting, stage management, production lighting, audio and video production. However, if you think you are a good fit for the acting role, then go ahead and send in your video by following these instructions. If you have any questions, please contact the Jamboree Shows Team at jamboshows@gmail.com.

The shows are one of the best parts of events such as jamboree or NOAC. They have the potential to show people outside of Scouting what the Boy Scouts are all about and to bring in new members to the Scouting program. So remember, when you audition, you have the potential to leave an impact on Scouting.

Article by Mike French.
Originally posted on www.oa-bsa.org