Join the Section Communications Team!!!

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Section W-1N, Order of the Arrow, is assembling a team of Arrowmen to strengthen the bonds of Brotherhood across Alaska, Western Washington and the entire Order through communication and content creation.

The goal of the Section is to support and enable the five Lodges that it serves: Nanuk, Nisqually, Sikhs Mox Lamonti, T’Kope Kwiskwis, and Toontuk Lodges.

As the Section Communications team, our mission is to connect Arrowmen with the opportunities of the OA. share meaningful updates and inspire Arrowmen to be involved in the OA on all levels, particularly the Chapter and Lodge levels.

As a member of the Communications team, You would play a critical role in helping fellow Arrowmen to be as involved as they can in their local OA program. you would also help tell the story of your Chapter, Lodge and the Section as a whole by creating and / or sharing content.

This content could be used by your Chapter, Lodge and / or the Section on social media, via email, on the Lodge / Section website, in print, or in-person.

There is no specific time commitment associated with the Communications team. Some roles will naturally require more time than others. Any time you can give towards helping your brothers is gladly accepted and appreciated!

Fill out the interest form for more information. Thank you for joining the team!